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What We Offer

Corporate Event

 My Wish Events provide corporate events services and as we all know organizing corporate events is one of the most acclaimed services given by event managers we also provide various other technical services too.

Live Concert

When we talk about promotions and live concerts it is the most important part of marketing and when we talk about today’s road shows growing, My Wish Events organizes this and go through the promotion events that take place on roads with the help of van trucks, etc.

Wedding Celebration

A wedding reception or celebration always is a joyous day usually held after the completion of a marriage ceremony as hospitality for those who have attended the wedding. My Wish Events team always gives their best to make your day enjoyable and stress-free.

Destination Wedding

We arrange your memorable birthday party with an aesthetic theme of decorations. We are extremely ready in making your day and make it a joyous occasion with limitless fun.

Family Function

Family functions like the Anniversary are very special and they are one the most special moments of ones life they bring all the love and memorable moments spent together and as we know 25 the anniversary is soo special and we made it more special with our endless efforts and bring back all your love in the desired way. Get together are always special and My Wish Events make them all the way more special. We revive all the love between friends and family with never-ending fun our management works hard for it.

Photo Shoot

We have professional photographers and provide services to capture your every memorable moment. We are specialized in High-Definition digital photography and photo editing services with a focus on long-term customer relationships.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Looking for a photographer for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot? My Wish Events can help you. With our team’s unique experience and skills, we can make your special day one you’ll remember for all the right reasons. Let’s talk about what you need, how we can give it to you, and what memories we’ll be capturing together.

Birthday Celebration

At My Wish Events, we view ourselves as a custom wedding event management company that not only understands the demands of the customers but is also able to anticipate them in advance, to build and manage an event that our clients can be proud of in the future. No two incidents, in our opinion.

Bachelor Party

Bachelor party always has a different craze these days we have different kinds of themes for bachelor and kitty parties and when it comes to us we are the best party organizers in Delhi NCR.