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Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialization is destination weddings where we create memorable wedding celebrations for families. As a part of this, we conceptualize, plan, and manage all pre-wedding celebrations, wedding events, and private events. Our team has over a decade of experience in Wedding planning and management which enables us to make the entire process comfortable and efficient for our clients.

When it comes to weddings, we assist families from beginning to end. Right from identifying the ideal destination, picking suitable venues, consultation, planning, designing, and coordination are all taken care of by our professional team. With over a decade of experience, we have an edge in venue selection, wedding invites, decor, styling, travel arrangements, bridal care, and much more. Our professional planners liaise with vendors from inception to wrap, so you are relieved of the effort. Our level of involvement depends on how much you wish to delegate to us.

All our services are tailor-made to suit your needs and budgets. Thanks to our vast network of vendors, we enjoy preferential rates that we pass on to you to benefit from. Your savings in terms of time, money, and effort are worth it when you decide to work with Vivaah Celebrations.

We specialize in Destination weddings, hence our services can be engaged globally. We have successfully managed a large number of destination weddings working with a vast network of vendors internationally in numerous cities around the world. Specially designed tools ensure that we are always connected with you and your family to keep you informed and updated on every detail and progress so we can deliver a memorable celebration for your big day.

While we specialize in Indian weddings, we have also planned and managed many cross-cultural weddings across different nationalities and ethnicities. Our knowledge and experience is not just limited to traditional South Asian Weddings. Our team can think out of the box and have the expertise to offer various innovative concepts for your big day.

We understand that you may choose to work with a particular vendor for a service at your wedding celebration, and we are totally alright with that. Our professional team can liaise with your vendors and service providers regularly, whether local or international, to keep track of progress from start to finish, thereby relieving you of the effort. We ensure what has been agreed upon is delivered efficiently.

Our wedding planning and management services are customized to suit your requirements and preferences. Therefore, our pricing depends on multiple factors. We charge a one-time planning and management fee for our services with no hidden or extra costs. Our prime focus is to deliver a memorable wedding celebration for you keeping in view your budgets and expectations.

All good things take time and detail. Since it’s your big day, you wouldn’t want it any less than perfect. We recommend engaging our wedding planning and management services a minimum of 6-10 months before your set wedding dates. We follow a systematic approach to your big day using multiple tools and practices that ensures we are progressing effectively in the right direction.

We understand that there may be situations beyond your control, and you may want to postpone or cancel your celebration. We assist you in negotiating the right contracts right from the early stages to ensure that you are protected in case of a postponement or cancellation. In the case of an unforeseen situation where a wedding may need to be postponed or canceled, we assist you with contract flexibility and refunds where eligible.

We at Vivaah Celebrations have always maintained the highest standards in safety, health, and hygiene. Even more so in present times. Our team members are certified in Health & Safety, as well as trained for COVID-19 Precautions and Guidelines. In addition to this, we ensure that our vendors follow best practices and comply with the international hygiene standards set out and defined by the local authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We ensure that your exit from contracts is as smooth and easy as possible. If an Act of God (Force Majeure), such as a fire, flood, earthquake, pandemic, or other natural calamity that shall cause you to cancel your event; we will assist you with flexibility and refunds with vendors as set out in the contracts.

We love knowing your family and friends better. While most families choose to liaise with their guests themselves, we are happy to take this over from you as an additional service. Our dedicated team compiles guest information, follows up, seeks confirmation, notes special requests, and does everything possible to ensure your guests have the most luxurious, stress-free, and comfortable experience at your wedding.

We do undertake a lot of high-profile celebrations where our clients choose to keep their events private. For this, we follow a set of protocols and carefully written out contracts that help protect our client’s privacy while maintaining the highest level of safety and security for their high-profile guests.

We believe that no celebration is small. You may choose to host an intimate wedding, which is memorable for your close family and friends. We understand your requirements, budgets, preferences, and limitations to provide you with the best solutions for your big day. Our team’s approach is personalized and dedicated irrespective of the size of the wedding celebration.

Our Director follows the wedding planning and management business purely out of his passion for creating unforgettable memories for the bride and groom and their guests. Rahul is involved in the wedding planning and management process from beginning to end. While a dedicated team looks after the day to day progress and reporting, the entire project is led by our Director to ensure the personalized service that Vivaah Celebrations is known for over a decade.